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News, announcements, and updates from the Premier OKC Home Buyers team. We serve our customers in the Oklahoma City area and create long-lasting relationships.

We Serve Homeowners in Oklahoma City & Surrounding Areas


The most important thing for you to know is there is hope and you have options to stop foreclosure in Oklahoma City.


How long do you have to sell an Oklahoma house after a divorce? We’ve got all the answers you need and more.


Inheriting a house in Oklahoma City can be both a blessing and a curse. Premier OKC Home Buyers can help.


Do I have to go through probate to sell an Oklahoma City house? How long after probate can I sell my house?


You have three options when selling your house from out-of-state. Premier OKC Home Buyers should be your #1 choice.

Estate Sales

How much money do you make from an estate sale in Oklahoma City? How does an estate house sale work?

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