What To Know About A Real Estate Kick-Out Clause

Discover the ins and outs of a real estate kick-out clause and learn how selling your Oklahoma City house for cash with Premier OKC Home Buyers can help you avoid this complexity.
What To Know About A Real Estate Kick-Out Clause

Navigating the world of real estate can sometimes feel like walking through a maze filled with twists and turns. One such twist is the real estate “kick-out clause,” a term that may leave some homeowners scratching their heads. Fear not, for we’re here to help you understand this concept and how it can impact your home-selling journey in Oklahoma City.

What is a Kick-Out Clause?

A kick-out clause is a provision in a real estate contract that allows the seller to “kick out” the current buyer under certain conditions, typically when a more attractive offer comes along. Think of it as a safety net, like a trapeze artist who can gracefully let go of one swing and grab onto another.

When is a Kick-Out Clause Used?

A kick-out clause comes into play when a buyer’s offer is contingent on the sale of their current home. This scenario can create uncertainty for the seller, as they must wait for the buyer to sell their home before the transaction can proceed. The kick-out clause allows the seller to continue marketing their property and accept a better, non-contingent offer if one arises.

How Does a Kick-Out Clause Work?

When a seller accepts an offer with a kick-out clause, they can continue to market their home and entertain other offers. If a more attractive, non-contingent offer comes along, the seller can notify the initial buyer of their intent to “kick out” their offer. The buyer then has a specified amount of time (usually 24-72 hours) to either remove their sale contingency or walk away from the deal.

Benefits of a Kick-Out Clause

A kick-out clause offers advantages to both the seller and the buyer, much like a perfectly balanced seesaw. For the seller, it provides the opportunity to accept a more favorable offer without being locked into a contract with an uncertain outcome. For the buyer, it allows them to make an offer on a property without having sold their current home, increasing their chances of securing their dream home.

Drawbacks of a Kick-Out Clause

Like a coin with two sides, a kick-out clause also has its drawbacks. For the seller, it may discourage potential buyers who are wary of competing with another offer. For the buyer, the risk of losing the property to another buyer can be stressful and disappointing.

Selling Your House for Cash: A Kick-Out Clause Alternative

If the idea of dealing with a kick-out clause seems as appealing as a tangled ball of yarn, consider selling your Oklahoma City house for cash instead. Premier OKC Home Buyers offers a straightforward solution, eliminating the need for contingencies and minimizing the risk of a deal falling through.

When you sell your house to Premier OKC Home Buyers, you can:

  • Enjoy a fast and hassle-free sale
  • Avoid the uncertainty of contingencies
  • Close on your schedule
  • Receive a fair, all-cash offer

If you’re ready to sell your Oklahoma City house without the complexities of kick-out clauses and other contractual challenges, contact Premier OKC Home Buyers at (405) 226-5563 or visit our website and sell your house fast in Oklahoma City.

Brett Cobb

Brett Cobb

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